Our School Partners

School Partners
Schools interested in the work of Wings for West Africa are encouraged and supported by Wings in the projects which they design. To date, the following schools have made significant contributions:
• Canterbury School. Fort Wayne, Indiana
The Canterbury School is an Independent college-preparatory school through Grade 12. One of the school’s stated goals is “to instill a sense of community responsibility and service”. Students there have extended this goal to serve the global community.
Starting in 2007 under the leadership of David Witwer, a group of Canterbury students developed a local chapter of Wings for West Africa with the goal of collecting at least 100 computers. Having already far surpassed that goal, they are developing valuable organizational, communicative and business skills along the way.
Ft Wayne Canterbury

North Central High School, Indianapolis, Indiana
The Société Honoraire de Français (French Honor Society) of North Central High School has assisted Wings for West Africa in the pick-up of computers and their preparation for shipment. In addition, each year they have developed a significant project in Senegal, West Africa:
AS early as 2006 funds were raised to pay over half the construction costs of a center for the Handicapped Association of Diofior, Senegal. One student actually helped in the construction of the building. Four students spent three weeks teaching computer and keyboarding skills to teachers on equipment donated by Wings.
Funds were also raised to purchase a high-volume copy machine for the secondary schools of Diofior, Senegal. School supplies, athletic and lab equipment were collected from donors and shipped with Wings’ computers.
In 2008 funds were raised to purchase medicine for a clinic in Pikine, Senegal. Thousands of pairs of donated eye glasses as well as a large volume of medical supplies were collected and shipped with Wings’ computers. One North Central student traveled to Senegal to help distribute the glasses and to teach a computer class on computers donated by Wings.
In 2009 funds were raised to complete the construction of the handicapped center begun in 2005.
Not a long time ago funds were raised and material donations obtained to help supply a new maternity center being built in Pikine, Senegal. Through a project with the Against Malaria Foundation, treated mosquito nets will be provided free of charge to women who are pregnant or who have small children.
North Central FHS
French Honor Society students prepare to sell 800
cookies they made to help fund their project.

Greenbriar Elementary School, Indianapolis
Beginning in 2007, students at Greenbriar, under the direction of teacher Fatima Rich, have supported the school and medical projects of Wings. They have donated boxes of school supplies clothing. This year they raised over $500 in a school-wide effort to purchase diapers for a new maternity center being built outside of the capital of Dakar.
Grade 4 students at Greenbriar Elementary School
who organized the Dimes for Diapers Drive

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